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Things I Wish I Had Said
Twisting, pissed, wishes 
23rd-Nov-2005 08:25 am
I wish I'd said "fuck you," and meant it.

I wish I hadn't said "I love you" just because you said it first.

I wish I'd said, "I deserve better than this," then turned around, walked away and not looked back.

I wish I had the opportunity to call you a liar to your face, because that's what you are, and because I want you to see in my eyes what a lowlife piece of shit I think you are.

I wish I'd called your girlfriend (and yes, you asshole, I do have her phone number, and her address), and told her what you were doing behind her back. I still could. I bet she'd love to see my Yahoo message archive too.

I wish I'd trusted my instincts better.

I wish I'd listened to every single one of my friends, who across the board all said that you are an immature, worthless, lying asshole with issues.

I wish this didn't still bother me. You don't deserve it.

I wish things had been different. I wish you'd been honest, and even half the man you claim to be.

I wish I'd told you that most of your artwork sucks. I liked a few things, but the rest is cartoonish crap, as immature and worthless as you are. Your poetry is even worse. And your web pages suck. Bad. But keep bragging - no one will *really* know how talentless you are, right?
23rd-Nov-2005 06:46 pm (UTC)
You should have also told him he has a tiny wee-wee.
23rd-Nov-2005 07:17 pm (UTC)
It certainly wasn't anything particularly impressive to look at...
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